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Flying High at NELSAM

Last week two separate groups of our members have visited the North East Land, Sea & Air Museum at Usworth, near to the Nissan Factory.  On the Tuesday Betty Dugdale, Ronnie Sokell, Stacey Reid and Stacey Wilson enjoyed a great day out exploring the exhibits and also by acting out as Second World War Air Wardens, complete with a white helmet!  Care and Support workers Tracey Nairn and Sharon Lawson, with Care facilitator Leigh Irving and Volunteer worker Tahlumah Begum supported members throughout this visit.

The following day our second group of members boarded the minibus with Dom Care worker / driver Richard Masters again at the wheel.  Bill Simpson, John Starkey, Gerrard Pattison and Mark Little formed this group of members with Care / Support worker Melanie Craigs and Care facilitator Leigh Irving again accompanying them.

Many photographs were taken during both visits, with members and staff posing in the cockpits of jet airliners and enjoying outdoor lunches seated by picnic tables and surrounded mainly by iconic aircraft.  Inside the main hanger Stacey Wilson was pictured next to a North American F-86 Sabre, the same type of aircraft depicted by the reknown artist Roy Lichtenstein in his famous Pop Art work ‘Whaam!’   There are several other iconic aircraft in this Northeast Museum.

Both groups came away from this excellent local museum having appreciated the displays and enjoyed the experience and as Richard Masters steered them carefully away from NELSAM let’s hope they were all feeling good and flying high.