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Northeast Disabilities Resource Centre (NDRC) has celebrated more than 50 years of service, the broad aim of which has always been the enhancement of disabled people’s lives. Many of our clients/members are people diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy but we also provide support for those who may have allied conditions such as a physical disability and/or a learning disability.

NDRC is a specialist day care centre in the heart of Sunderland. We also provide personal support packages to enable disabled people to get the most from life. To find out more about our organisation and the services we provide please take a look through our website.

Latest News from NDRC

  • Democracy Rules…OK.

    16th May 2018

    Client members of NDRC held one of their regular meetings to discuss the Centre and how it does or does not meet their needs or fulfill their wishes. These gatherings are important so that the rights of our members are protected and also that their voices have an opportunity to be heard. Everyone has a Read More

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  • Double Success!

    15th May 2018

    Two related items of news have recently made all of us at NDRC very proud of two members of our ever excellent staff. Support Worker John Lawrence has just qualified for a BIIAB Diploma in Management at Level 3. Very well done John. After all your work you deserve Every congratulation that comes your way. Read More

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